Finding Research Topics

For current legal issues and recent developments related to LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW:

BNA Employment Discrimination Report - Weekly news and reports of judicial, legislative, and regulatory developments in the area of equal employment opportunity.

BNA Labor Relations Reporter/Labor & Employment Law Library - Comprehensive coverage of cases, guidance, and news in all major areas of the field: fair employment practices, individual employment rights, Americans with disabilities, wages and hours, labor-management relations, collective bargaining, and labor arbitration. Coverage includes analysis, guidance and primary source material. Decisions include full text judicial opinions, rulings and memoranda. Update service includes current reports providing news and developments.

CCH Human Resources - A research portal to CCH publications on Labor and Employment Law, Human Resources Managment, Health Care Compliance, Food and Drug Law, Pensions, Benefits, Payroll, Safety/OSHA, and Global Employment Law. Includes current awareness newsletters, court decisions, compliance manuals, state laws and cases, and HR practice guides.

For current legal issues and recent developments related to FAMILY LAW:

BNA Family Law Reporter - The current guide to federal and state cases, legislation, trends, and issues in family law. Includes court cases, legislative and regulatory news, and other developments in key areas of family law. Covers state and federal issues. Published weekly every Tuesday.

Finding Books

Finding Books -

Search Hastings Online Catalog for print titles at the Hastings Law Library. Be sure to use keyword searches for broad topics. Once you have narrowed down to an LC subject heading, use subject searchs to find all materials under your subject.

You can search the "WorldCat" database in FirstSearch to find any books on your topic at local and worldwide libraries. If you find a book that we don't have at Hastings, you can submit a request to borrow the book through interlibrary loan (ILL). Simply click on the "ILL" button at the upper left corner of the WorldCat record. It can take up to two weeks to get books through ILL, so plan ahead.

Relevant subject searches include:

Labor Laws and Legislation--United States
Discrimination in Employment--Law and Legislation--United States
Employee Fringe Benefits--Law and Legislation--United States
Arbitration, Industrial--United States
California Labor Laws and Legislation
Cultural property -- Protection

Employees, Dismissal of--Law and Legislation--United States

Noteworthy treatises and overviews on employment law include:

Age Discrimination [KF390.A4 E34 / Research Alcove]
Civil Rights in the Workplace [KF3464.P48 / Research Alcove]
Defense of Equal Employment Claims [KF8925.D5 D53 / Research Alcove & Westlaw]
Employee Benefits Law: ERISA and Beyond [KF3512.M36 / Research Alcove & Westlaw]
Employee Dismissal Law and Practice [KF3471.P47 / Research Alcove]
Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice [KF3464.S84 / Research Alcove]
Labor and Employment Arbitration [KF3424.L3 / Research Alcove]
Manual on Employment Discrimination Law and Civil Rights Actions in the Federal Courts [KF3464.Z9 R52 / Research Alcove & Westlaw]
Advising California Employers and Employees [KFC556.A3 / Research Alcove & CEBOnLaw]
California Employers' Guide to Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policy Manuals [KFC556.A65 C35 / Research Alcove & CEBOnLaw]
California Employment Law [KFC556.C35 / Research Alcove]
California Practice Guide. Employment Litigation [KFC556.A6 C2 / Reference & Westlaw]
Wrongful Employment Termination Practice [KFC571.W76 / Research Alcove & CEBOnLaw]

Many additional treatises and practice guides on labor and employment law can be found in Westlaw and Lexis Advance

Relevant subject searches include:

Domestic Relations--United States
Community Property--United States
Family Violence--Law and Legislation
Divorce--Law and Legislation
Domestic Relations--California
Community Property-California

Divorce--Law and Legislation--California

Noteworthy treatises and overviews on family law include:

Domestic Violence Practice and Procedure [KF1269.L44 / Research Alcove]
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Family Law [KF505.J68 / Research Alcove]
California Practice Guide. Family Law [KFC126.A6 H6 / Reference Desk & Westlaw]
California Family Law Litigation Guide [KFC115.C37 / Research Alcove & Lexis Advance ]
California Marital Settlement and Other Family Law Agreements [KFC126.A65 C35 / Research Alcove & CEBOnLaw]
California Transaction Forms: Family Law [KFC68.C3 F2 / Research Alcove & CEBOnLaw]

Many additional treatises and practice guides on family law can be found in Westlaw and Lexis Advance

Finding Articles

Finding a journal article discussing the area of law about which you plan to write is a great way to start your research or to solidify an important point in your paper. Check the following resources for relevant journal articles:

It's often helpful to search an index first to tailor your search to articles specifically on your topic.

LegalTrac - Indexing and full text of articles in all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals, and legal newspapers. Covers 1980 to the present.

Index to Legal Periodicals & Books - Indexes articles from more than 760 legal periodicals and over 2000 law books. Includes law reviews, bar association journals, university publications, yearbooks, institutes, and government publications. Check the "Legal Periodicals Retro" box to search articles published between 1908 and 1981.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals - Index of articles and book reviews from more than 450 legal periodicals, including journals, essay collections, festschrifts, and congress reports. Coverage includes international law (public and private), comparative law, and municipal law of countries other than the United States, British Isles, and British Commonwealth. Covers 1985 to the present.

19th Century Masterfile - Indexes periodicals published between 1786 and 1922.


Westlaw - Search the full text of all of Westlaw's journals and law reviews [JLR] or search law reviews and newsletters specific to labor and employment law or family law.

HeinOnline - full text PDFs of law reviews and legal periodicals. Click on "Law Journal Library" to browse by title. Click on the "Search" tab at the top to search the collection.

ABI/INFORM Complete - Four business, economics, finance and company research databases provided through ProQuest. ABI/INFORM Dateline covers local and regional business publications. ABI/INFORM Global covers nearly 1800 worldwide business periodicals. ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry covers trade and industry periodicals and newsletters. Hoover's Company Records provides current profiles of more than 40,000 public and non-public companies and 225,000 key executives.

Proquest Research Library - A large collection of full-text articles from journals, magazines and newspapers for information on a broad range of subjects such as business, political science, art, literature, law and psychology. Click on the "Select multiple databases" link to select/deselect specific subject modules, such as the Social Sciences Module or the Women's Interest Module.

APA PsycNet - Includes PsycARTICLES (full text articles from over 50 top psychology journals), PsycBOOKS (scholarly books on psychology-related topics) and PsycINFO (index of nearly 2000 psychology titles).

San Francisco Public Library Articles & Databases - San Francisco Public Library cardholders may remotely access SFPL's online periodical databases, including JSTOR (full-text academic journals going back to 1838). Click on the "Periodical Finder" link at the top of the page to search for a specific journal.

Finding Primary Law

Federal Legislation:
U.S.C. Labor & Employment sections [Westlaw] [GPO Access]
Public Laws [Westlaw] [Thomas - free]
Bills [Westlaw] [Thomas]
Legislative History [Westlaw]
Congressional Research Service (CRS) [connect on-campus] [connnect off-campus]

Federal Regulations:
CFR [Westlaw] [GPO Access] [eCFR]
Federal Register [Westlaw] [GPO Access]
Administrative Agency Materials [Westlaw]

Federal Government Websites:
U.S. Department of Labor
National Labor Relations Board
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

California Legislation:
California Code [Westlaw] [LegInfo - free]
Chapter Laws
Legislative History

California Regulations:
Barclay's Official Code of Regulations [Westlaw] [Internet]
Regulation Tracking [Westlaw]
Regulatory Notice Register

California Government Websites:
Employment Development Department
California Department of Industrial Relations

Multistate Law:
Subject Compilations of State Laws [KF1 .N93 / Reference Desk and HeinOnline]
National Survey of State Laws [KF242.A12 N38 / Reference Desk]
Multistate Labor & Employment Cases [Westlaw]
Multistate Family Law Cases [Westlaw]
Statutes Annotated - All States [Westlaw]
Statutes Unannotated - All States [Westlaw]
Legislative Service - All States [Westlaw]
National Survey of State Laws - 50 State Surveys [Westlaw]
State Constitutions [Westlaw]
U.S. States Administrative & Executive Materials [Westlaw]


Finding Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Monthly Labor Review (1989-)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics [HD8064 .A63 / 5th Stacks]
LexisNexis Statistical - available to San Francisco Public Library cardholders. Searchable database of statistics issued by the U.S. government, plus selected statistical publications of private and state government sources.

California Division of Labor Statistics and Research
California Statistical Abstract

Guide to State Statistical Abstracts (U.S. Census)

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