What Study Guides Are Available

4th Floor Library Circulation Desk:
The library has a number of resources and study aids that may be helpful to students. Study aids kept at the Circulation Desk can be checked out for two hours (or, in some cases, 24 hours). Below is a brief description of the types of study aids available, followed by a list of study aids organized by subject. This list is current but is not comprehensive. For other materials available in the library, check the Hastings online catalog. Earlier editions of the study guides are on the 5th and 6th floors and can be borrowed for four weeks.

Also consider taking a look at the course specific outlines prepared by other Hastings students and published on the web by ASUCH, and HPILF. (NOTE: Unlike the books mentioned on the list below, you'll have to double-check the accuracy of these student-generated outlines.)

Hornbooks and Treatises:

• A hornbook is a one-volume statement of the law on a particular subject. It can be a great place to find a clear explanation of a point of law. The library keeps hornbooks on most subjects at the Circulation Desk. [NOTE: Many professors have preferences for specific hornbooks. Check with your professor for recommended authors.] While hornbooks are useful for general principles of law, they are only published every few years and do not cover recent changes in the law.
• A treatise is a comprehensive, multi-volume treatment of a particular area of law. They are typically updated several times per year.  Most major treatises are shelved in the 4th floor research alcove.

Study Aids:
• The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) produces multiple-choice lessons in almost every subject area with answers and explanations. The lessons are available online or in CD format. Hastings students can obtain a free CALI CD at the Reference Desk and download the exercises to a laptop. Alternatively, students can obtain an authorization code from a reference librarian, which will allow online access to all of the CALI exercises at http://www.cali.org.
• There is a set of Gilbert Law Summaries on audio CD covering basic first year topics (torts, contracts, property, criminal law, civil procedure, constitutional law, and exam taking.)
• The library has all of the titles in the Nutshell Series. Nutshells are short narratives about a specific area of law and typically cover the material emphasized in a semester-length course. One particularly interesting title for students thinking about going to law school and for first-year law students is Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law. Check the library catalog for the location and availability of each Nutshell title.
• Roadmap Law Course Outlines covering fifteen subjects have been quite popular in the past, but many of the books in this series have not been updated by the publisher for over 5 – 10 years. These books include a short summary outline of the law and a detailed outline correlated to various casebooks.
• The books in the Examples and Explanations Series published by Aspen Law & Business provide clear overviews of approximately twenty areas of law. Each title contains hypotheticals with helpful answers and explanations. The most recent editions of these titles are kept at the Circulation Desk.
• The library also has Understanding Administrative Law, Understanding Constitutional Law, Understanding Remedies, and several other titles in this series. The most recent editions of these titles are kept at the Circulation Desk.
Antitrust Law
Antitrust, Black Letter Outline Series 4th ed.
KF1649.3 H63 2005
Antitrust: Examples & Explanations
KF1649.S34 2011
Antitrust Law and Economics in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF1650.Z9 G4 2004
Federal Antitrust Policy 5th ed. - Hoavenkamp (West Hornbook Series)
KF1649.H675 2011 
The Law of Antitrust: An Integrated Handbook 2nd ed. - Sullivan (West Hornbook Series)
KF1649.S773 2006 
Principles of Antitrust Law
KF1649.R67 1993
Understanding Antitrust and its Economic Implications 5th ed.
KF1649.S76 2009

Bankruptcy - Epstein (West Hornbook Series)
KF1524.E67 1993
Bankruptcy and Other Related Law in a Nutshell
7th ed.
KF1501.Z9 E67 2005
Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor: Examples and Explanations 5th ed.
KF1524.3 B58 2010
The Glannon Guide to Bankruptcy  3rd ed.
KF1524.85 M374 2011
Questions and Answers: Bankruptcy
KF1524.85 M37 2010 
Understanding Bankruptcy 2nd ed.
KF1524.H42 2007  

Conflict of Laws
Conflict of Laws 5th ed. - Hay (West Hornbook Series)
KF411.S28 2010 
Conflict of Laws: Concepts and Insights
KF411.R66 2010 
Conflict of Laws, Black Letter Outlines 5th ed.
KF412.H39 2005 
Conflict of Laws: Examples & Explanations
KF412.H64 2010 
Conflicts in a Nutshell  3rd ed.
KF412.S5 2005 
Understanding Conflict of Laws
KF411.R53 2003
Civil Procedure
Acing Civil Procedure
KF8841.S65 2005
California Civil Procedure in a Nutshell 4th ed.
KF1610.M35 2009  
Civil Procedure 4th ed. - Friedenthal (West Hornbook Series)
 KF8840.F72 2005
Civil Procedure 5th ed. - James (Foundation Press)
KF8840.J3 2001
Civil Procedure: Essay & Multiple Choice Exams 2nd ed.
KF8841.C525 2009
Civil Procedure: Examples and Explanations 6th ed.
KF8840.G58 2008
Civil Procedure: Gilbert Law Summaries (Lecture on Audio CD)
KF273.L39 F75 2005 
Civil Procedure in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF8841.K36 2007 
Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure
KF8840.G583 2003
Inside Civil Procedure: What Matters & Why
KF8841.E75 2009
Introduction to Civil Procedure- (Aspen)
KF8840.F69 2006
Mastering Civil Procedure
KF8841.H75 2008 
Principles of Civil Procedure 3rd ed. - Clermont (West Concise Hornbook Series) 
KF8840.C54 2009
Questions & Answers: Civil Procedure 2nd ed.
KF8841.D67 2007
Understanding Civil Procedure 4th ed.
KF8840.S57 2009  
Constitutional Law
American Constitutional Law 3rd ed. - Tribe (Foundation Press)
KF4550.T64 2000
Civil Rights Law and Practice 2nd ed. - Lewis (West Hornbook Series)
KF4749.L495 2004
Constitutional Analysis in a Nutshell 2nd ed.
KF4550.Z9 W53 2003
Constitutional Civil Right in a Nutshell 3rd ed.
KF4750.V5 1998
Constitutional Law 8th ed. - Nowak (West Hornbook Series)
KF4550.N58 2010 
Constitutional Law: Black Letter Outlines 8th ed. 
KF4550.B28 2010
Constitutional Law: Essays & Multiple Choice Exams 2nd ed. 
KF4550.Z9 C672923 2009
Constitutional Law: Gilbert Law Summaries (Lecture on Audio CD)
KF273.L39 J56 2005  
Constitutional Law in a Nutshell 7th ed.
KF4550.Z9 B35 2009  
Constitutional Law: Individual Rights: Examples and Explanations 5th ed.
KF4749.I34 2010 
Constitutional Law: National Power and Federalism: Examples and Explanations 5th ed.
KF4550.M29 2010 
Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies 4th ed. - Chemerinsky (Aspen Students Treatise Series)
KF4550.C45 2011 
First Amendment Law in a Nutshell 4th ed. 
KF4770.Z9 B37 2008 
Glannon Guide To Constitutional Law: Governmental Structure and Powers 
KF4550.Z9 D45 2010 
Inside Constitutional Law: What Matters and Why
KF4550.Z9 I54 2009
Principles of Constitutional Law 4th ed. - Nowak (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF4550.N585 2010 
Questions & Answers: Constitutional Law  2nd ed.
KF4550.Z9 M44 2007
Questions & Answers: The First Amendment  
KF4770.W428 2005 
State Constitutional Law in a Nutshell 2nd ed.
KF4550.Z95 M28 2003
The First Amendment: Concepts & Insights 3rd ed. 
KF4770.F37 2010 
Understanding Constitutional Law 3rd ed. 
KF4550.R43 2005
Understanding the First Amendment 3rd ed. 
KF4770.W43 2009 
Acing Contracts
KF801.Z9 D38 2010
Calamari & Perillo on Contracts 6th ed. (West Hornbook Series)
KF801.C3 2009
Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts
5th ed.
KF801.C43 2006  
Contracts 4th ed.  (Aspen)
KF801.F3 2004
Contracts: Black Letter Outlines 5th ed. 
KF801.Z9 C27 2010
Contracts: Cases and Doctrine 4th ed. 
KF801.A7 B35 2008
Contracts: Essays & Multiple Choice Exams 2nd ed.
KF801.Z9 C5526 2009
Contracts: Examples and Explanations 5th ed. 
KF801.B58 2011
Contracts: Gilbert Law Summaries (Lecture on Audio CD)
KF273.L39 E88 2005
Contracts in a Nutshell 7th ed. 
KF801.Z9 S3 2010
Contract Remedies in a Nutshell
KF836.Z9 F75 1981
Government Contracts in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF850.K49 2011
Inside Contract Law: What Matters and Why  
KF801.Z9 K455 2011
Mastering Contract Law
KF801.R87 2011
Murray on Contracts 4th ed.
KF801.M87 2001 
Principles of Contract Law - Hillman (West Concise Hornbook)
KF801.H525 2009
Questions & Answers: Contracts Rev. 1st ed. 
KF801.Z9 R68 2006
Understanding Contracts 2nd ed. 
KF801.Z9 F46 2009
Uniform Commercial Code 6th ed. - White (West Hornbook Series)  
KF890.W45 2010
Uniform Probate Code and Uniform Trust Code in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF765.A98 2010
Acing Business Associations
KF1414.85 C48 2010
Business Associations in a Nutshell 3rd ed.
KF1355.S53 2010
Business Organization and Finance: Legal and Economic Principles 9th ed.
.KF1366.K56 2004
Corporate Finance in a Nutshell 2nd ed.
KF1428.Z9 H22 2011  
Corporate Law: Concepts and Insights 2nd ed.
KF1416.B35 2009 
Corporations: Examples and Explanations 7th ed.
KF1418.S65 2012
Corporations Law 2nd ed. - Gevurtz (West Hornbook Series)
KF1414.G48 2010
Laws of Corporations and Other Business Enterprises 3rd ed. - Henn (West Hornbook Series)
KF1384.H4 1983 
Mergers and Acquisitions - Bainbridge (University Textbook Series)
KF1477.B35 2003
Mergers and Acquisitions in a Nutshell 2nd ed.
KF1477.Z9 O37 2006
The Law of Corporations in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF1414.3 H35 2011  
Questions & Answers: Business Associations 2nd ed.
KF1355.B7 2011
Understanding Corporate Law 3rd ed.
KF1414.P56 2009 
Criminal Law
Criminal Law 5th ed.- LaFave (West Hornbook Series)
KF9219.L38 2010 
Criminal Law: Black Letter Outlines 3rd ed.
KF9219.85 L69 2007 
Criminal Law: Essay and Multiple Choice Exams 2nd ed.
KF9219.85 C753 2009  
Criminal Law: Examples and Explanations 5th ed.
KF9219.3 S54 2010 
Criminal Law: Gilbert Law Summaries (Lecture on Audio CD)
KF273.L39 W67 2005
Criminal Law in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF9219.85 L63 2009  
Glannon Guide To Criminal Law 2nd ed.
KF9219.85 L48 2009 
Inside Criminal Law: What Matters & Why 2nd. ed.
KF9219.B83 2011 
Principles of Criminal Law - LaFave (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF9219.3 L34 2003 
Questions & Answers: Criminal Law 2nd ed.
KF9219.85 L483 2007 
Understanding Criminal Law 6th ed.
KF9219.D74 2012 
Understanding the Law of Terrorism
KF9430.M33 2007
Understanding White Collar Crime 3rd ed.
KF9350.S77 2011 
White Collar Crime in a Nutshell 4th ed.
KF9350.P63 2009 
Criminal Procedure
Acing Criminal Procedure 2nd ed.
KF9619.85 A27 2010
Advanced Criminal Procedure in a Nutshell
2nd ed.
KF9619.3 C35 2006 
Basic Criminal Procedure, Black Letter Outline Series 4th ed.
KF9619.3 S25 2005 
Criminal Procedure 5th ed. - LaFave (West Hornbook Series)
KF9619.L34 2009 
Criminal Procedure II : From Bail to Jail : Examples & Explanations 3rd ed.
KF9619.85 S56 2012
Criminal Procedure: An Analysis of Cases and Concepts 4th ed.
KF9619.W47 2000 
Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Limitations in a Nutshell 7th ed.
KF9619.3 I8 2006
Criminal Procedure: Examples and Explanations 6th ed.
KF9619.3 B58 2010 
Criminal Procedure: Essay & Multiple Exam Questions 2nd ed.
KF9619.85 C75 2009 
Death Penalty in a Nutshell 3rd. ed.
KF9227.C2 S774 2008
Mastering Criminal Procedure Volume 1: The Investigative Stage  
KF9619.85 M378 2010
Principles of Criminal Procedure 3rd ed. - Weaver (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF9619.P65 2008
Principles of Criminal Procedure: Investigations - LaFave (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF9619.L354 2004 
Questions & Answers: Criminal Procedure 2nd ed.
KF9619.85 K38 2009 
The Law and Policy of Sentencing and Corrections in a Nutshell 8th ed.
KF9728.B73 2010
Employment Discrimination Law: Concepts and Insights 3rd ed.
KF3464.R86 2010 
Employee Benefit Plans in a Nutshell

KF3512.Z9 C68 2003
Employment Discrimination Law and Practice 2nd ed. - Lewis (West Hornbook Series)
KF3464.L485 2004
Employment Law 3rd ed.- Rothstein (West Hornbook Series)
KF3455.E468 2005 
Employment Law in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF3455.C68 2009 
Employment Discrimination: Examples and Explanations 1st ed.
KF3464.F738 2010  
Federal Law of Employment Discrimination in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF3464.P583 2009  
Labor and Employment Arbitration in a Nutshell
KF3425.N638 2007 
Labor Law in a Nutshell
KF3369.3 L39 2008 
Mastering Employment Discrimination Law
KF3464.S425 2010 
Principles of Employment Law - Smith (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF3455.P74 2009 
Understanding Employment Discrimination 2nd ed.
KF3464.H34 2008 
Understanding Employment Law
KF3455.B354 2007 
Understanding Labor Law 3rd ed.
KF3319.R39 2011 
Workers' Compensation and Employee Protection Laws in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF3615.Z9 H64 2011
Evidence 2nd ed.- Park (West Hornbook Series)
KF8935.P36 2004
Evidence, Black Letter Outline Series 4th ed.
KF8935.Z9 B75 2005 
Evidence, Black Letter Outline Series
KF8935.M837 2005  
Evidence: Essay and Multiple Choice Exams 2nd ed.
KF8935.E948 2009
Evidence: Examples and Explanations 8th ed.
KF8935.Z9 B48 2012 
Evidence in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF8935.Z9 R6 2012   
Evidentiary Distinctions 2nd ed.
KF8935.Z9 I57 1993 
Evidentiary Foundations 8th ed.
KF8935.I45 2012 
Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell 7th ed.
KF8935.Z9 G7 2007 
McCormick on Evidence 6th ed. - (West Practitioner Treatise Series)
KF8935.M26 2006 
Mastering Evidence
KF8935.E15 2008 
Principles of Evidence 6th ed. - Lilly (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF8935.L54 2012 
Questions and Answers: Evidence 2nd ed.
KF8935.Z9 L46 2009
Understanding Evidence 3rd ed.
KF8935.G52 2009
Weinstein's Evidence Manual
KF8935.W4 2005
Environmental Law
Animal Law in a Nutshell
KF390.5.A5 A855 2011
Climate Change and Sustainable Development Law in a Nutshell
KF3783.N65 2011
Energy Law in a Nutshell 2nd ed.
KF2120.Z9 T65 2011
Environmental Law 2nd ed. - Rodgers (West Hornbook Series)
KF3775.R53 1994
Environmental Law: Black Letter Outline 3rd ed.
KF3775.G33 2005 
Environmental Law: Examples and Explanations 5th ed.
KF3775.Z9 F45 2010 
Environmental Law in a Nutshell 8th ed.
KF3775.Z9 F56 2010 
Natural Resources Law - Laitos (West Hornbook Series)
KF5505.L35 2002
Questions and Answers: Environmental Law
KF3775.Z9 S74 2007  
The Law of Hazardous Wastes and Toxic Substances in a Nutshell 2nd ed.
KF3945.Z9 S68 2007
Understanding Environmental Law  2nd ed.
KF3775.W45 2008 
Family Law
Adoptions Law in a Nutshell
KF545.K38 2012
Children and the Law in a Nutshell 4th ed.
KF479.R36 2011 
Family and Medical Leave in a Nutshell
KF3531.Z9 D43 2000  
Family Law: Black Letter Outlines
 3rd ed.
KF505.Z9 K68 2004
Family Law: Examples and Explanations 3rd ed.
KF505.Z9 O43 2010
Family Law in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF505.Z9 K6 2007
Family Law in Perspective 2nd ed.
KF505.W34 2007  
Questions and Answers: Family Law 2nd ed.
KF505.Z9 S77 2011 
Family Law: Essay and Multiple Choice Exams
KF505.Z9 F335 2011 
Law of Domestic Relations 2nd ed.
KF504.C55 1988 
Mastering Family Law
KF505.Z9 R53 2009
Understanding Family Law
KF505.G734 2005 
Understanding Juvenile Law 3rd ed.
KF479.G37 2009
Federal Courts
Federal Courts: Black Letter Outlines 3rd ed.
KF8700.Z9 R34 2004 
Federal Courts: Examples & Explanations 2nd ed.
KF8719.L58 2010 
Judicial Process in a Nutshell
KF8700.Z9 R4 2003  
Law of Federal Courts
 6th ed. - Wright (West Hornbook Series)
KF8840.W7 2002
Understanding Federal Courts and Jurisdiction
KF8719.M88 1998 
Intellectual Property Law
Copyright: Examples & Explanations 3rd ed.
KF2995.M35 2012 
Copyright Law in a Nutshell 2nd ed.
KF2994.L34 2011 
Intellectual Property: Black Letter Outlines 3rd. ed.
KF2979.S34 2006
Intellectual Property: Emanuel 3rd ed.
KF2980.B389 2012
Intellectual Property: Examples & Explanations 4th ed.
KF2980.M42 2012
Intellectual Property: The Law of Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks - Schechter (West Hornbook Series)
KF2980.S3 2003 
Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF2980.M52 2012 
Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF1610.M35 2009 
Patent Law in a Nutshell
KF3114.A74 2008 
Principles of Intellectual Property Law- Myers (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF2979.M94 2008 
Principles of Patent Law - Schechter (West Concise Hornbook Series)
KF3114.S34 2004 
Questions and Answers: Intellectual Property
KF2980.M94 2010 
Questions and Answers: Patent Law
KF3114.85.H62 2007 
Questions and Answers: Trademark & Unfair Competition
KF3180.Z9 C47 2007
Understanding Intellectual Property Law 2nd ed.
KF2979.C47 2011
Understanding Patent Law
KF3114.L36 2012
Understanding Trademark Law 2nd ed.
KF3180.L34 2009 
International Business Transactions
International Business Transactions 2nd ed. - Folsom (West Hornbook Series)
KF1976.F65 2001
International Business Transactions in a Nutshell 8th ed.
K3943.W54 2009
Understanding International Business and Financial Transactions 3rd ed.
KF390.B8 F75 2010
International Law
International Environmental Law in a Nutshell 4th ed.
K3585.G87 2012
International Human Rights in a Nutshell 4th ed.
K3240.4 B84 2009
International Law 5th ed. - Janis (Aspen Treatise Series)
KZ3140.J36 A35 2008
International Law 2nd ed. - Cassese (Oxford University Press)
KZ3395.C25 A35 2005
International Law 6th ed. - Shaw (Cambridge University Press)
KZ1255.S53 2008
International Law: Examples and Explanations
KZ1242.E675 2011
International Law Frameworks: Concepts and Insights 3rd ed.
KZ3110.B42 2010
International Project Finance in a Nutshell
K3820.N54 2010
International Taxation in a Nutshell 9th ed.
KF6419.D64 2012
International Trade and Economic Relations in a Nutshell 4th ed.
K3943.F64 2009
NAFTA and Free Trade in the Americas in a Nutshell 4th ed.
KDZ944.F653 2012
Oppenheim's International Law 9th ed.
KZ3264.A3 I6 1996
Principles of International Law 2nd ed. - Murphy (West Concise Hornbook)
KZ3410.M873 2012
Principles of Public International Law 7th ed.
KZ3225.B76 A37 2008
Public International Law in a Nutshell 4th ed.
KZ3110.B84 A36 2007
Public International Law Study Guide for Students
KZ1237.V47 2013
Questions and Answers: International Law
KZ3910.B72 2011
Transnational Litigation in a Nutshell
KF8940.P75 B47 2003
Understanding International Business and Financial Transactions 3rd ed.
KF390.B8 F75 2010
Understanding International Criminal Law 2nd ed.
K5015.4 P63 2008
Understanding International Law
KZ3900.M38 2006
Labor Law
A Primer on American Labor Law 4th ed.
KF3369.G68 2004
Basic Text on Labor Law, Unionization and Collective Bargaining 2nd ed. - Gorman (West Hornbook Series)
KF3319.G57 2004
Labor Law in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF3369.3 L39 2008
Labor Management Relations and the Law 2nd ed. - Getman (University Textbook Series)
KF3369.G48 1999
The Developing Labor Law: The Board, The Courts, and The National Labor Relations Act  6th ed.
KF3369.A76 2012
Understanding Labor Law 3rd ed.
KF3319.R39 2011
Land Use
Land Transactions and Finance: Black Letter Outlines 4th ed.
KF670.Z9 N44 2004
Land Use in a Nutshell 4th ed.
KF5698.Z9 N65 2006
Land Use Law 5th ed. - Mandelker (LexisNexis)
KF5698.M29 2003
Land Use, Planning and Development Regulation Law 2nd ed. - Juergensmeyer (West Hornbook Series)
KF5692.J84 2007
Modern Public Land Law in a Nutshell 3rd ed.
KF5605.G58 2006
Understanding the Law of Zoning and Land Use Controls 2nd ed.
KF5698.B87 2009
Urban Planning and Land Development Control Law 2nd ed. - Hagman (West Hornbook Series)
KF5698.H2 1986
Legal Writing and Research (LW&R)
Academic Legal Writing 4th ed. - Volokh (Foundation Press)
KF250.V6 2005
ALWD Citations Manuel 4th ed.
KF245.A45 2010
Black's Law Dictionary 9th ed.
KF156.B53 2009
BlueBook: A Uniform System of Citations 19th ed.
KF245.U5 2010
Clear and Effective Legal Writing
 4th ed.
KF250.C45 2007
Effective Legal Writing: For Law Students and Lawyers 5th ed.
KF250.B56 1999
Finding the Law 12th ed. - (American Casebook Series)
KF240.H61 2005
Fundamentals of Legal Research 9th ed. - Barkan (University Textbook Series)
KF240.B37 2009
Just Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Style for the Legal Writer 2nd ed.
KF250.E57 2005
Legal Drafting in a Nutshell 3rd ed.
KF250.H33 2007
Legal Research: A Self-teaching Guide to the Law Library 2nd ed.
KF240.H54 1988
Legal Research: How to Find and Understand the Law 15th ed.
KF240.E35 2009
Legal Research in a Nutshell 10th ed.
KF240.C55 2010
Legal Research Made Easy 3rd ed.
KF240.H47 2002
Legal Writing Citations in a Nutshell
KF245.T47 2008 
Legal Writing: Examples and Explanations
KF250.L48 2011
Legal Writing: Getting it Right and Getting it Written 3rd ed.
KF250.R39 2000
Legal Writing in a Nutshell 4th ed.
KF250.S68 2009
Ninth Annual National Legal Research Teach-in Training Kit
KF240.N56 2001
Principles of Legal Research- Olson (West Concise Hornbook)
KF240.O57 2009
Researching Constitutional Law 2nd ed.
KF241.C66 M455 2000
The Process of Legal Research 7th ed.
KF240.P96 2008
Professional Responsibility
Community Property in a Nutshell
KF526.Z9 M46 1988
Handbook on Law of Future Interests 2nd ed.
KF605.S55 1966
Handbook of the Law of Real Property 3rd ed.
KF570.B8 1965 
Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why
KF561.B64 2009
Introduction to Property 2nd ed. - (Aspen)
KF570.Z9 S56 2005
Introduction to the Law of Real Property 4th ed. - Moynihan (West Hornbook Series)
KF570.M6 2005
Landlord and Tenant Law in a Nutshell 5th ed.
KF590.Z9 H45 2011
Law of Property 3rd ed. - Stoebuck (West Hornbook Series)
KF570.C86 2000
Personal Property in a Nutshell
 3rd ed.
KF705.Z9 B83 2003
Powell on Real Property
KF570.P6 1968
Preface to Estates in Land and Future Interests 2nd ed.
KF577.B4 1984
Principles of the Law of Property 3rd ed. - Cribbet (University Textbook Series)
KF561.C7 1989
Principles of Property Law 6th ed. - Hovenkamp (West Concise Hornbook)
KF570.S6 2005
Property: Black Letter Outline 5th ed.
KF570.Z9 B46 2006
Property: Essay and Multiple Exams 2nd ed.
KF570.Z9 P763 2009 
Property: Examples and Explanations 4th ed.
KF561.B87 2012
Questions and Answers: Property
KF570.Z9 N347 2004
Real Property: Gilbery Law Summaries (Lecture on Audio CD)
KF273.L39 F73 2005
Real Property in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF570.B47 2010
The Law of Personal Property 3rd ed.
KF705.B76 1975
The Law of Easements and Licenses in Land
KF657.B88 2001
Understanding Property Law 3rd ed.
KF561.S67 2012
Real Estate Law
Real Estate Finance in a Nutshell 6th ed.
KF695.B78 2009
Real Estate Finance Law 5th ed. - (West Hornbook Series)
KF695.O8 2007
Real Estate Transactions: Example and Explanations 5th ed.
KF665.Z9 B86 2011
Understanding Modern Real Estate Transactions 3rd ed.
KF665.Z9 J64 2012
Contract Remedies in a Nutshell
KF836.Z9 F75 1981
Law of Remedies: Damages, Equity and Restitution 2nd ed. Dobbs (West Hornbook Series)
KF9010.D6 1993
Principles of Remedies Law
2nd ed. - Weaver (West Concise Hornbook)
KF9010 .W42 2011
Questions and Answers: Remedies 
KF9010.J36 2007
Remedies: Black Letter Outlines 1st ed.
KF9010.Z9 W43 2005
Remedies: Examples and Explanations 2nd ed.
KF9010.Z9 H37 2010
Remedies in a Nutshell 3rd ed.
KF9010.Z9 O3 2005
Understanding Remedies 2nd ed.
KF9010.F57 2006
Securities Regulation and Transactions
Handbook on Secured Transactions Under the Uniform Commercial Code 2nd ed. - Henson (West Hornbook Series)
KF1050.H4 1979
Introduction to Commercial Transactions
 - Braucher (University Textbook Series)
KF889.B67 1977
Questions and Answers: Secured Transactions 2nd ed.
KF1050.M37 2011
Secured Transactions: Black Letter Outlines 1st ed.
KF1050.Z9 R87 2006
Secured Regulation: Examples and Explanations 5th ed.
KF1440.P25 2011
Secured Transactions: Examples and Explanations 5th ed.
KF1053.B76 2011 KF1050.Z9 B3 2007
Securities Law: Concepts and Insights 4th ed.
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