Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law involves the interpretation and implementation of the United States Constitution. It deals with matters concerning the rights of individuals, states, and the federal government. This research guide will help you find sources relating to Constitutional Law. It also contains links to the United States Constitution. 

The Charters of Freedom or the United States Constitution - Guide to Law Online (Law Library of Congress)  has specific United States documents. Another helpful website is The Avalon Project created by Yale Law which has Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy from 4000bce to the 21st Century. To obtain specific documents on the constitution look at The American Constitution - A Documentary Record. Additionally, below are direct links to specific documents.
Annotated US Constitution
The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation
US Constitution (Senate analysis)

US Constitution (Cornell Law: Annotated / unannotated)

US Constitution (from USCA 4th stacks KF62.U5)

US Constitution (from USCS 4th stacks KF62)

US Constitution (LexisNexis / Westlaw)
On LexisNexis you can narrow your search to only include Constitutional Law.

  • On LexisAdvance under the search box under all content type click cases. Additionally, check Constitutional Law under all practice areas and types. - Constitutional Law

Other Websites:
The UC Hastings Law Library has a strong collection of books covering criminal punishment.  Use the Hastings Classic Catalog or Encore Catalog to find books on your topic. Here are some search terms that you may want to try using in various databases. Following the links takes you to a search for that subject heading in the UC Hastings catalog.

United States Constitution
Constitutional Law
Constitutional History
Constitution United States
Free Speech
Due Process

Keep in mind that you can also combine search terms in an Advanced Search. For example, the subject "Constitutional Law" can be combined with the keyword "women" to produce the search (d:(Constitutional Law) and Women).

If you find a useful book that we don't have at UC Hastings, you can request in through Inter-Library Loan --- Books .

Specific books that may be helpful:
Subscription Databases
The Hastings Law Library subscribes to a number of Internet-accessible resources that may be useful in your research. All of our online resources are listed here and the specialized subscription databases are listed here. You can access all of them on campus. Most of them also allow remote access. If you are not on campus, and you click on the database, you will be directed to this screen. To use the databases off-campus, enter your Hastings username/password or your Hastings ID barcode.

Sometimes law review articles can be one of the best places to find current research on your topic. The sources above can be used to find journal articles. Although there is a lot of overlap on LexisNexis and  you will find some unique articles by searching both Lexis & Westlaw.  If you have a citation to a law review article that is not on Westlaw or Lexis, you will probably be able to get a PDF version of the article from HeinOnline .
Working Papers & Unpublished Articles:
  • Search the online . This is a searchable database of abstracts of working-papers as well as articles accepted for publication.
Non-Law or Law-Related Articles:
  • ProQuest Central is an excellent online source for full-text political science and social sciences articles having to do with current criminal punishment issues.
  • The San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) has a very good collection of online full-text scholarly non-law articles, including JSTOR. You can access them by visiting SFPL, which is just one block from Hastings, or you can access these article and journal databases online, if you have a SFPL library card.
  • Google for full-text articles: Try searching Google Scholar . (You may then need to locate the full-text using Lexis or Westlaw, or one of the library's subscription databases). 

For more in-depth information about searching for journal articles use the Law Library's guide to Finding Journal Articles.
Study Guide
The Library has a wide range of study guides for Constitutional Law. For the full list click on this Link
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