1. Can I connect to the wireless network in the library?


Yes, we have wireless (802.11b/g WiFi) access in most student study areas in the College, including the Law Library. More information on the wireless network is available on the IT webpage and the computer lab webpage.
2. How do Hastings faculty and students get Lexis, Westlaw or BloombergLaw passwords?


To obtain a password, contact Chuck Marcus (ext. 4838).
3. How do Hastings faculty and students get off-campus access to the Library’s subscription Electronic Resources?


Your name and the barcode number on your ID are required to get access to our electronic resources off-campus. You will see this screen. Contact the Reference Desk: (415) 565-4751 if you experience difficulties connecting from off-campus.
4. I need a place to plug in my laptop; can you tell me where the "hidden" power outlets are located?


Most study tables have power connections available for students who wish to use their laptop computers in the library. Power outlets also can be found in the study rooms and in the window seating at the columns. Additional power outlets are located in the 4th Floor Reading Room by the McAllister Street window. They are located between the window and the back edge of the counter (see photo below).

power outlets

5. What is the LRC?


The LRC is the computer lab. The computer lab used to be called the Learning Resources Center (LRC).
6. Where can get I get help with printing in the computer lab?


This guide provides a good overview of printing basics for students. If you need additional assistance, there is a Computer Lab Assistant in the 4th floor computer lab whenever the computer lab is open.
7. Where is the computer lab?


The computer lab is in the library on the 4th floor. It is sometimes called the LRC (Learning Resources Center). The lab is only for Hastings students and is not open to the general public.
8. Who maintains the Library Web Site?


Chuck Marcus maintains the technical side of the library’s web site. The team of Librarians is responsible for the web site content.
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