Faculty Publications

Richard L. Marcus


Journal Articles

  • “Looking Backward” to 1938, 162 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1691 (2014). URL
  • Bomb Throwing, Democratic Theory, and Basic Values — A New Path to Procedural Harmonization?, 107 Nw. U. L. Rev. 475 (2013). HEIN WL SSRN
  • Cooperation and Litigation: Thoughts on the American Experience, 61 see University of Kansas Law Review 821 (2013). HEIN WL SSRN URL
  • Procedural Postcard from America, 1 Russ. L.J. 5 (2013). URL
  • Procedure in a Time of Austerity, 3 Int'l J. Proc. L. 133 (2013).
  • Shoes That Did Not Drop, 46 U. Mich. J.L. Reform 637 (2013). HEIN WL URL
  • The Rulemakers' Laments, 81 Fordham L. Rev. 1639 (2013). HEIN WL SSRN URL
  • More Reform for the American Class Action?, 211 Revista de Processo 263 (2012).
  • Still Confronting the Consolidation Conundrum, 88 Notre Dame L. Rev. 557 (2012). LX HEIN WL
  • Brave New World: Scrutinizing the Merits During Class Certification, 12 Class Action Litig. Rep. 848 (2011).
  • Reviving Judicial Gatekeeping of Aggregation: Scrutinizing the Merits on Class Certification, 79 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 324 (2011). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Exceptionalism and Convergence: Form Versus Content and Categorial Views of Procedure, 49 Sup. Ct. L. Rev. 521 (2010). CATALOG
  • The Electronic Lawyer, 58 DePaul L. Rev. 263 (2009). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Assessing CAFA's Stated Jurisdictional Policy, 156 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1765 (2008). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Cure-All for an Era of Dispersed Litigation? Toward a Maximalist Use of the Multidistrict Litigation Panel's Transfer Power, 82 Tul. L. Rev. 2245 (2008). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • E-Discovery Beyond the Federal Rules, 37 U. Balt. L. Rev. 321 (2008). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Modes of Procedural Reform, 31 Hastings Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 157 (2008). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Not Dead Yet, 61 Okla. L. Rev. 299 (2008). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • The Impact of Computers on the Legal Profession: Evolution or Revolution?, 102 Nw. U. L. Rev. 1827 (2008). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Confessions of a Federal "Bureaucrat": The Possibilities of Perfecting Procedural Reform, 35 W. St. U. L. Rev. 103 (2007). LX HEIN WL
  • A Modest Proposal: Recognizing (at Last) that the Federal Rules Do Not Declare that Discovery Is Presumptively Public, 81 Chi.–Kent. L. Rev. 331 (2006). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • E-Discovery and Beyond: Toward Brave New World or 1984?, 25 Rev. Litig. 633 (2006) (reprinted in 236 F.R.D. 598 (2006)). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • The 2000 Amendments to the Discovery Rules, 1 Fed. Cts. L. Rev. 289 (2006). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Only Yesterday: Reflections on Rulemaking Responses to E-Discovery, 73 Fordham L. Rev. 1 (2004). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Reining in the American Litigator: The New Role of American Judges, 27 Hastings Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 3 (2003). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Slouching Toward Discretion, 78 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1561 (2003). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Reform Through Rulemaking?, 80 Wash. U. L.Q. 901 (2002). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Confronting the Future: Coping with Discovery of Electronic Material, 64 Law & Contemp. Probs. 253 (2001). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Myths and Realities of American Litigation, 705 NBL 18 (Jan. 15, 2001) (in Japanese).
  • Reassessing the Magnetic Pull of Megacases on Procedure, 51 DePaul L. Rev. 457 (2001). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • The Agenda-Setter for Complex Litigation, 149 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1257 (2001). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • A Look at the Past, Present, and Future of American Discovery, 699 NBL 6 (Oct. 15, 2000) and 700 NBL 27 (Nov. 1, 2000) (in Japanese).
  • Benign Neglect Reconsidered, 148 U. Pa. L. Rev. 2009 (2000). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • The 2000 Amendments to the Discovery Rules Take Effect December 1, 6 Fed. Disc. News 1 (Nov. 2000).
  • The American Class Action: Scourge or Savior?, 701 NBL 15 (Nov. 15, 2000) (in Japanese).
  • Retooling American Discovery for the Twenty-First Century: Toward a New World Order?, 7 Tul. J. Int'l & Comp. L. 153 (1999) (reprinted in Abuse of Procedural Rights: Comparative Standards of Procedural Fairness 281 (Michele Taruffo ed., Kluwer Law Int'l 1999)). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL CATALOG
  • Discovery Containment Redux, 39 B.C. L. Rev. 747 (1998). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL SSRN
  • Once More into the Breach: More Reforms for the Federal Discovery Rules, 37 Judges' J. 8 (1998) (with David F. Levi). FULLTEXT HEIN
  • The Puzzling Persistence of Pleading Practice, 76 Tex. L. Rev. 1749 (1998). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL SSRN
  • Confronting the Consolidation Conundrum, 1995 BYU L. Rev. 879 (1995). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • They Can't Do That, Can They? Tort Reform Via Rule 23, 80 Cornell L. Rev. 858 (1995). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Of Babies and Bathwater: The Prospects for Procedural Progress, 59 Brook. L. Rev. 761 (1993). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Who Should Discipline Federal Judges, and How?, 149 F.R.D. 375 (1993). WL
  • Discovery Along the Litigation/Science Interface, 57 Brook. L. Rev. 381 (1991). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • The Discovery Confidentiality Controversy, 1991 U. Ill. L. Rev. 457 (1991). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Completing Equity's Conquest? Reflections on the Future of Trial Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 50 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 725 (1989). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Public Law Litigation and Legal Scholarship, 21 U. Mich. J.L. Reform 647 (1988). FULLTEXT HEIN
  • The Perils of Privilege: Waiver and the Litigator, 84 Mich. L. Rev. 1605 (1986). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • The Revival of Fact Pleading Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 86 Colum. L. Rev. 433 (1986). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Conflicts Among Circuits and Transfers Within the Federal Judicial System, 93 Yale L.J. 677 (1984). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • The Tudor Treason Trials: Some Observations on the Emergence of Forensic Themes, 1984 U. Ill. L. Rev. 675 (1984). FULLTEXT HEIN
  • Fraudulent Concealment in Federal Court: Toward a More Disparate Standard?, 71 Geo. L.J. 829 (1983). FULLTEXT HEIN
  • Myth and Reality in Protective Order Litigation, 69 Cornell L. Rev. 1 (1983). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL
  • Reducing Court Costs and Delay: The Potential Impact of the Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 66 Judicature 363 (1983). FULLTEXT HEIN
Chapters In Books

  • Appellate Review in the Reactive Model: The Example of the American Federal Courts, in Nobody's Perfect: Comparative Essays on Appeals and Other Means of Recourse Against Judicial Decisions in Civil Matters 105 (Intersentia 2014) (with Alan Uzelac & C.H. van Rhee). AMAZON
  • ‘American Exceptionalism’ in Goals for Civil Litigation, in Goals of Civil Justice and Civil Procedure in Contemporary Judicial Systems 123 (Alan Uzelac, ed., Springer 2014). CATALOG
  • America's Dynamic and Extensive Experience with Collective Litigation, in Resolving Mass Disputes: ADR and Settlement of Mass Claims 148 (Christopher Hodges & Astrid Stadler eds., Edward Elgar Pub. 2013). CATALOG
  • America's Evolving Theories of Procedure, in 2 Festschrift Fur Rolf Sturner Zum 70 1669 (Alexander Bruns et al. eds. 2013). AMAZON
  • American Report on Goals of Civil Procedure Civil Procedure in Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Eurasia Context 227 (Dmitry Maleshin ed., Statut Pub. House 2012). URL
  • Extremism in the Pursuit of Truth is our ‘Virtue’: The American Infatuation with Broad Discovery, in Truth and Efficiency in Civil Litigation: Fundamental Aspects of Fact-finding and Evidence-taking in a Comparative Context 165 (Intersentia 2012). AMAZON URL
  • Introduction to Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence: Cases and Materials 1 (Shira A. Scheindlin & Daniel J. Capra, West 2d ed. 2012). AMAZON
  • The Impact of Digital Information on American Evidence-Gathering and Trial—The Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back?, in Electronic Technology and Civil Procedure: New Paths to Justice from Around the World 29 (Miklós Kengyel & Zoltán Nemessányi eds., Springer 2012). CATALOG
  • The Balkanized American Legal Profession, in The Landscape of the Legal Professions in Europe and the USA: Continuity and Change 3 (A. Uzelac & C.H. van Rhee eds., Intersentia 2011). CATALOG
  • Introduction to Supplementary Materials on Electronic Discovery: For Use in Civil Procedure Courses 1-15 (Shira A. Scheindlin & Daniel J. Capra, West 2009). AMAZON
  • Introduction to Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence 1-15 (Shira A. Scheindlin & Daniel J. Capra, West 2008). AMAZON
  • The Story of Hickman: Preserving Adversarial Incentives While Embracing Broad Discovery, in Civil Procedure Stories 307 (Kevin M. Clermont ed., 2d ed., Foundation Press 2008). CATALOG
  • The American Class Action: Scourge or Savior?, in Theories of American Civil Procedure 225 (M. Omura & K. Miki trans., eds. 2006).
  • Discretion Uber Alles, in Discretionary Power of the Judge: Limits and Control 453 (Marcel Storme & Burkhard Hess eds., Kluwer 2003).
  • Complex Litigation, in The Oxford Companion to American Law 134 (Kermit L. Hall ed., Oxford Univ. Press 2002). CATALOG
  • Malaise of the Litigation Superpower, in Civil Justice in Crisis 71 (Adrian A.S. Zuckerman ed., Oxford Univ. Press 1999). CATALOG
  • Deja Vu All Over Again? An American Reaction to the Woolf Report, in Reform of Civil Procedure 219 (Ross Cranston & A.A.S. Zuckerman eds., Clarendon Press 1995). CATALOG
  • Ethical Issues in Protective Order Practice: Some Preliminary Reflections, in Ethical Considerations in Products Liability Litigation ___ (ABA 1992).
Book Reviews

  • Putting American Procedural Exceptionalism into a Globalized Context, 53 Am. J. Comp. L. 709 (2005) (reviewing ALI⁄Unidroit, Principles and Rules of Transnational Civil Procedure (2006); Neil Andrews, English Civil Procedure (2003); Carl F. Goodman, Justice and Civil Procedure in Japan (2004); Kuo&ndashChang Huang, Introducing Discovery into Civil Law (2003); Peter L. Murray & Rolf Sturner, German Civil Justice (2004); & Adrian Zuckerman, Civil Procedure (2003)). LX HEIN WL
  • Reexamining the Bendectin Litigation Story, 83 Iowa L. Rev. 231 (1997) (reviewing Michael D. Green, Bendectin and Birth Defects: The Challenges of Mass Toxic Substances Litigation (1996)). LX HEIN WL
  • Apocalypse Now?, 85 Mich. L. Rev. 1267 (1987) (reviewing Peter H. Schuck, Agent Orange on Trial: Mass Toxic Disasters in the Courts (1986)). LX HEIN WL
Newspaper & Magazine Articles

  • Is Rule Making a Cure for Preservation Headaches?, Trial Evidence, June 30, 2011. URL
  • Rule 45 Changes in Motion, The Recorder, Aug. 18, 2011. LX CATALOG
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