Faculty Publications

Ascanio Piomelli

Journal Articles

  • Sensibilities for Social Justice Lawyers, 10 Hastings Race & Poverty L.J. 177 (2013). HEIN SSRN
  • The Challenge of Democratic Lawyering, 77 Fordham L. Rev. 1383 (2009). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL SSRN
  • Cross-Cultural Lawyering by the Book: The Latest Clinical Texts and a Sketch of a Future Agenda, 4 Hastings Race & Poverty L.J. 131 (2006). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL SSRN
  • The Democratic Roots of Collaborative Lawyering, 12 Clinical L. Rev. 541 (2006). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL SSRN
  • Foucault's Approach to Power: Its Allure and Limits for Collaborative Lawyering, 2004 Utah L. Rev. 395 (2004). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL SSRN
  • Appreciating Collaborative Lawyering, 6 Clinical L. Rev. 427 (2000) (excerpted in Clinical Anthology: Readings for Live-Client Clinics 278 (Alex J. Hurder, Frank S. Bloch, Susan L. Brooks & Susan L. Kay eds., LexisNexis 2011)). FULLTEXT LX HEIN WL SSRN
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